MoYa Lace Plume -Ivory
MoYa Lace Plume -Ivory
MoYa Lace Plume -Ivory

MoYa Lace Plume -Ivory

Lace plume is 100% organic cotton in a fine lace weight 2ply yarn, it comes in beautiful shades and is perfect for shawls, scarves, evening wear and baby wear, or any other project that calls for a fine yarn.

Blend 100% Cotton
Yarn Weight Lace Weight
Ball Weight 50 grams
Ball Length 300 m
Needle Size 1.5 – 4.6mm
Crochet Hook Size 1.75 – 3mm

Washing Instructions Wash on a delicate cycle and should be washed separately on the first cycle, as there might be residual surface dye, due to being hand dyed. MoYa yarns should be dried flat but not tumble dried.


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