Colour Collection - blues,pinks,reds
Colour Collection - blues,pinks,reds

Colour Collection - blues,pinks,reds

This is a gorgeous collection of 8ply wool, comprising one ball of each of the following colours (10 × 50gr balls of wool in all)

Colorworks mid blue (457)
Colorworks aqua (426)
Colorworks bright red (442)
Colorworks watermelon (441)
Babywool light aqua (456)
Babywool pale blue (414)
Babywool cream (428)
Babywool pale mint (471)
Babywool flamingo (484)
Babywool pale pink (411)

10 different colours of yarn that work well together and would be ideal for blanket making or used for any project that takes your fancy!
I have used this combination of colours in many of my own crochet projects, and I feel they are quite harmonious!
Please see individual yarn descriptions for more info on the yarn.

As always, colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

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