Colour Collection - blues and greens

Colour Collection - blues and greens

This is a lovely collection of blue and green shades, comprising 13 balls of wool in different colours.
One ball of each of the following,
(13 × 50gr balls)

Merino Magic sea blue (217)
Merino Magic olive (235)
Merino Magic peacock blue (232)
Merino Magic celery (234)
Colorworks mid blue (457)
Colorworks aqua (426)
Colorworks sea foam (496)
Colorworks lime (408)
Colorworks teal green (458)
Babywool pale mint (471)
Babywool cream (428)
Babywool denim (410)
Babywool light aqua (456)

Please see individual colour descriptions for more information regarding the yarns.

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